Meeks Applied, Inc.: Pioneering Business Solutions for Non-Profits and Small Businesses


Meeks Applied, Inc.: Pioneering Business Solutions for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

Sacramento, CA – Today marks the official launch of Meeks Applied, Inc., a minority-owned business poised to transform the non-profit and small business sectors with innovative and competitively priced business solutions. Under the expert guidance of Corey Meeks, a seasoned California architect with 25 years of specialized experience, and Tanya Meeks, an esteemed corporate finance professional, the company aims to support underserved organizations in navigating modern challenges with ease and efficiency.

Corey Meeks, CEO of Meeks Applied, Inc., brings a wealth of expertise from his extensive background in architecture, particularly focusing on commercial projects, healthcare facilities, and houses of worship. His significant knowledge extends into land planning, entitlements, and the permitting process, crucial areas that often pose challenges for small businesses and non-profits. Corey’s profound understanding of information technology infrastructure—encompassing server management, networking, and desktop applications—further enhances his capability to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Tanya Meeks, who co-leads the firm, holds a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance. Her impressive career has been marked by her specialized skills in assisting non-profits and small businesses streamline their financial operations. Tanya’s approach focuses on implementing bookkeeping processes and strategic financial planning that optimize resource utilization, helping organizations to maximize their impact despite limited budgets.

Meeks Applied, Inc. is committed to its mission of aiding small businesses and non-profit organizations in staying abreast of current trends and technologies. By leveraging the unique dual expertise of its founders, the company is uniquely positioned to offer a range of services that include architectural design and planning, IT solutions, and financial strategy development.

“We believe that by providing tailored solutions at competitive prices, we can make a significant difference in helping small businesses and non-profits thrive in today’s fast-paced environment,” said Corey Meeks. “Our goal is to become a partner in their growth and success by easing the burdens of technical and financial challenges.”

With a heart for community service and a keen understanding of the practical needs of small entities, Meeks Applied, Inc. stands ready to deliver exceptional service and expert guidance. For inquiries, please contact:

Contact Information:
Meeks Applied, Inc.
2123 Oxford Street
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916-535-8080


About Meeks Applied, Inc.:**
Meeks Applied, Inc. is a minority-owned business specializing in providing solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Founded by industry veterans Corey and Tanya Meeks, the company blends architectural expertise with financial acumen to offer bespoke solutions that drive efficiency and growth.